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Of Porges interest

Origin of the Porges name


Where the Porges lived and died

Of Historical and Geographical interest 

Maps of Europe
Concentration camps
Austrio-Hungarian monarchy


Czech Republic
Europe 1999

Political Europe 1996
Germany 1836

Germany 1994

Hungary and Transylvania

Moravia 1882
Marquisate of Moravia
Prague 1900

History of Brnö (1848-1918)
"Another important factory, which was located in Brno was Lederer and Porges, founded in September 1889."

The Frankists (concerns Moses and Leopold Judah Porges)
1759, A converted Jew, J. J. Frank, forms a sect called the Frankists at Lemberg.

Grand Dukes and Diamonds by Raleigh Trevelyan.
Concerns Jules Porgès.
Tells the story of one of the world's most fascinating families, the Wernhers of Luton Hoo.

Czechoslovakia and The Habsburg rule
HAPSBURG RULE, 1526-1867 The Hapsburgs and the Czechoslovak Lands
THE DUAL MONARCHY, 1867-1918 Formation of the Dual System

History of the Habsburg Jews (1670-1918) 
by William O. McCagg Jr,
with references to Moses and Judah Porges (von Portheim)

Jewish history of the Czech Republic
Jewish history of Hungary
Jewish history of Romania
Jewish history of Transylvania
Jewish history of Yugoslavia
Jewish Prague

The Jews of prague

Hitler's origin by Alexander Lernet-Holenia

Hitler's Vienna by Brigitte Hamann, Ph. D.
Oxford University Press, 1999

1 . Jews in Vienna
Historical Background, Eastern Jews' Mass Migration, Parliamentary debates, Western and Eastenr Jews, The Specter of the Jewish world Rule, Was Young Hitler Anti-semite?, Two examples

2 . Czechs in Vienna
A wave of immigrants around 1900, The battle for the Nibelung districts, The battle for the Komensky schools, Attempts at mediation, Hitler on the Czechs



Prague's New Jewish Cemetery : Description
Porges tombstones : list , photos, obituaries

Porges graves in Vienna's cemeteries
Jewish cemeteries of Prague and Plzen
Porges victims of the holocaust

Jewish cemeteries of Prague,
A guide to the 6 Jewish cemeteries of Prague and the area

Cemetery of Pilsen/Plzen

Porgès tombstones at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris


        Porges victims of the Holocaust

         Porges deportations and transports from Paris

         Porges deportations and transports from Vienna

         Seizure of Porges works of art, Paris, 1941

        Spoliations of Porges property during WWII

Terezin - Theresienstadt

List of the 227 Porges deported to Terezin

List of transports to and from Terezin
(provided by The Terezin Initiative)

The Genocide of the Czech Jews, by Miroslav KarnyHomage to the Jewish victims deported between 1941 and 1945 from the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

Beit Theresienstadt, an organization dedicated to the memory of those who perished in Terezin.

Interview of a Terezin survivor
Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann survived the Theresienstadt Ghetto. This is her story.

Map of the concentration camps, It is estimated that 15,000 camps were established in the occupied countries.

Terezin, "model ghetto", During the war, small bits of information about the extreme and horrific episodes perpetrated under the Third Reich reached an unbelieving world. The Nazis decided to use Theresienstadt to solve the growing outside pressure.
With photos, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives 

I newer saw another butterfly,
Children's Drawings and Poems, from Terezín Concentration Camp, 1942-1944
A Book Review by Amanda Kaufman, Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York

Terezin "Paradeis ghetto", by Chuck Ferree

Overview of Theresienstadt
Theresienstadt was run by the SS and commanded, in turn, by Siegfried Seidl (November 1941 - July 1943), Anton Burger (July 1943 - February 1944), and Karl Rahm (February 1944 - May 1945). Czech gendarmes served as the ghetto guards, and with their help the Jews were able to maintain contact with the outside world.

A visit to Terezin, by Chuck Vadun

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