We (http://www.avotaynu.com/) have established a database of Holocaust-era Jewish names.
If you recognize the name of a relative, you or someone in your family may be an heir to unclaimed Holocaust-era assets.
The database comes from two sources. One is the list of unclaimed Swiss bank accounts released by the Swiss government.
They are identified with a Code of "S".
These names usually include the city and country where the account was opened.
The second list comes from a collection at the Austrian State Archives in Vienna.
They are identified with a "A" Code.
The Austrian files include ALL assets, including possible Swiss bank accounts, as well as insurance policies and other holdings. When the Germans occupied Vienna in 1938, they required all Jewish residents to complete a detailed declaration of valuables, including bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate, art, etc. These declarations constitute the files held in the Vienna archives. Our source provides only the given name, family name and date of birth.

Swiss Banks

As the German government confiscated assets from Jews in many countries, they deposited some of the proceeds in Swiss banks.

Consequently, almost any Jew (or their heirs) who lost assets or suffered during World War II may have a claim to the $1.25 billion compensation fund established by the Swiss banks.

The deadline for filing preliminary claims was October 22, 1999 but there may be additional opportunities for filing in the future.

On November 22, 1999, a "fairness hearing" will be held in U.S. federal court in Brooklyn, New York, to determine if this suit may proceed.

If it is permitted, then further details will be announced.

Please note that all deadlines to file claims relating to the Swiss Banks Settlement have expired (2015).

NOTE UPDATE AS OF MAY 16, 2017: A small sample of case summaries for members of Slave Labor Class I can be accessed here (Jewish victims) and here (Roma, Jehovah’s Witness, homosexual and disabled victims).

Sample Entry

|Surname, Given Name | Birth Date | Code | Town, Country|
|Haag, Marie Albertine | 24.09.1914 | S | Ingwiller,France |

If you find a name that matches the first name+last name of your relative, and can identify a matching birthdate, you have located your relative on the index.

Click on the name to obtain your family's asset registry.

If you find a name, in addition to getting your family asset registry, be sure to get information about claims against Austrian banks.

The deadline for filing the claim was May 31, 2000. By December 2000, 60,000 claims had been received, of which 20,000 have been processed.


List of Porges, Porjes, Porjesz

Porges, Alexander 26.07.1867 A
Porges, Anton 28.06.1894 A
Porges, Anton 21.05.1895 A
Porges, Armin 07.09.1909 A
Porges, Arthur 19.11.1878 A
Porges, Berta 17.03.1884 A
Porges, Berta 11.05.1886 A
Porges, Dory 25.05.1913 A
Porges, Elfriede 15.03.1893 A
Porges, Emil 28.01.1864 A
Porges, Emilie 17.05.1889 A
Porges, Ernestine 06.01.1865 A
Porges, Ernst 15.11.1879 A
Porges, Ferdinand 02.11.1863 A
Porges, Franz 27.04.1892 A
Porges, Friederike 12.08.1883 A
Porges, Fritz 14.06.1907 A
Porges, Gertrud 11.04.1911 A
Porges, Hans 20.12.1895 A
Porges, Hans 20.11.1905 A
Porges, Hermann 01.08.1881 A
Porges, Hermine 04.03.1871 A
Porges, Johann 30.04.1917 A
Porges, Johanna 17.01.1853 A
Porges, Leopoldine 15.12.1871 A
Porges, Marie 17.08.1901 A
Porges, Mathilde 10.07.1868 A
Porges, Max 18.06.1884 A
Porges, Michael 19.12.1873 A
Porges, Olga 24.04.1882 A
Porges, Otto 01.04.1879 A
Porges, Paul 19.06.1896 A
Porges, Paula 20.06.1873 A
Porges, Paula 13.10.1912 A
Porges, Pauline 01.09.1875 A
Porges, Regina 02.01.1901 A
Porges, Richard 06.11.1870 A
Porges, Siegfried 04.09.1889 A
Porges, Theresia 11.04.1870 A
Porges, Walter 28.10.1887 A
Porges-Portheim, Alexander 08.10.1894 A
Porges-Portheim, Olga 25.09.1896 A
Porjes, Ferdinand   A
Porjes, Gabriele 02.12.1894 A
Porjes, Ilona 05.07.1896 A
Porjes, Oskar 24.06.1889 A
Porjesz, Heinrich 17.02.1882 A
Porjesz, Isidor 11.03.1870 A
Porjesz, Kurt 23.08.1914 A
Porjesz, Leopold 06.09.1897 A
Porjesz, Otto 10.04.1908 A


Here a list of people whose property was confiscated by the occupation authorities in the territory of the so-called Protectorate. It is a copy of what was retrieved from both Gestapo and the Central Association for Private Insurance in the Protectorate documents, which were sent to insurance companies during the 1940-1944 period.

The insurance companies were obliged to report back to the Property Office, or the Gestapo, concerning insurance policies of people who were on the list. In the case of life insurance, policies were confiscated and their cash value was transferred to occupation authorities.

According to our findings the list is not complete.

We know that quite a large group of people is missing - mainly those whose property was confiscated by the Office for Jewish Emigration. This computerized version of the list is one of the results of the group working on holocaust-era insurance, which has been wirking on it since May 1998.

A list of people whose property was confiscated by the occupation authorities in the territory of the so-called Protectorate.

Last name
 First name
Title & mn
Porges Dora 1904  
Porges Eva 1873  
Porges Friedrich 1932  
Porges Georg 1932  
Porges Gerta 1902  
Porges Hanna 1918  
Porges Jan Israel 1900 Ing.
Porges Johann 1900  
Porges Johanna 1927  
Porges Josef 1883  
Last name
 First name
Title & mn
Porges Karl 1914 MUDr.
Porges Leo 1900  
Porges Marie 1891  
Porges Marie Sara 1891  
Porges Max 1866  
Porges Paul Israel 1886  
Porges Rudolf 1915  
Porges Ruzena 1932  
Porges Walter 1889