Hitler's Vienna


Excerpts from Hitler's Vienna :

Historical Background
Eastern Jews' Mass Migration
Parliamentary debates
Western and Eastenr Jews
The Specter of the Jewish world Rule
Was Young Hitler Anti-semite?
Two examples

A wave of immigrants around 1900
The battle for the Nibelung districts
The battle for the Komensky schools
Attempts at mediation
Hitler on the Czechs

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Brigitte Hamann is a Ph. D. and author of several works on 19th and 20th century Austrian history, including
The Reluctant Empress : A Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

She lives in Vienna.

Oxford University Press, 1999
Copyright 1999 by Brigitte Hamann
ISBN 0-19-512537-1
and 0-19-514053-1

Hitler's Vienna
explores the critical, formative years that the young Adolf Hitler spent in Vienna.
It is both a cultural and political portrait of the Austrian capital and a biography of Hitler during his years there, from 1906 to 1913.
Hitler's was not the modern, artistic "fin-de-siècle Vienna" we associate with Freud, Mahler, and Wittgenstein.
Instead, it was a cauldron of fear and ethnic rivalry and a breeding ground for racist political theories.
Brigitte Hamann vividly depicts the undercurrent of disturbing ideologies that flowed beneath the glitter of the Hapsburg capital.
Drawing on previously untapped sources that range from personal reminiscences to the records of homeless shelters where the unemployed Hitler spent his nights, Hamann gives us the fullest account ever rendered of this period of Hitler's life and shows us how profoundly his years in Vienna influenced his later career.