Beit Theresienstadt

Beit Theresienstadt at Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud was erected in memory of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt who perished during the Nazi persecution.

The corner stone was laid in 1969 and the official opening was in 1975.

The "Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association" built this edifice through the initiative of the surviving members of the Zionist Youth Movement and the "Hechalutz" organization living in Israel.

Not a mute monument but a living and active institution.

Activities of Beit Theresienstadt


1. Educational Center prepares curricula on the Holocaust and organizes one day workshops for pupils, students and teachers - from Israel and abroad.

2. Our staff provides guidance for Holocaust studies and research regarding the fate of Jews from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Holland, Denmark and other countries. from which prisoners were brought to Ghetto Terezin.

3. An annual meeting of the members of the association is being held.

4. Organization of Second Generation Activities.

5. Exhibitions of works of Art by Terezin Artists.

6. Maintaining archives and collections of documents, testimonies and artifacts concerning Ghetto Theresienstadt.

7. Information on the fate of the nearly 150,000 prisoners of Ghetto Terezin is stored in our Computerized Data Base and available on request. The fee for a query is Nis.15.00 - per name.

8. Edition and distribution of "Dapei Kesher", a newsletter issued twice yearly in Hebrew, English and German.



Members of the association pay an annual membership fee - for information regarding the registration of new members, please write or call Beit Theresienstadt office. Individuals, Schools, Teachers Seminaries, Colleges, Universities and other institutions interested in workshops, assisting in research or development of curricula are invited to address Beit Terezin office.

Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud,
Mobil Post Emek Hefer,
38935 Israel.

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