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This site started November 19, 2000

This is the most amazing web site that I have ever seen, and it warms my heart to know that someone actually did this.  My family thanks you very much.

Jarrett Porges, USA

I'm really impressed by your interesting site. We agree with the idea of connecting our site to yours.

Anita Tarsi
Beit Theresienstadt, Israel

I was able to log on to the site today and it is wonderful. You have obviously taken great time and effort to research the family and create this wonderful history.  Thank you.

Leonard Porges, Maryland USA

So very impressive! Thank you a thousand times! […] My mother, Rella Porges, is celebrating her 90th birthday in Princeton New Jersey Dec 10. We expect about 50-75 Porges family, decendants of Adolph. If you might be in the New York area, please come join us.

Edward "Ned" Porges, Seattle

I just visited the Porges site. It´s a gem, it´s a goldmine!

Ragnar Goran, Sweden

I have just visited the Porges genealogy site. Very impressive. Thanks for the link to my website and for your acknowledgement of my help. All the best.

Richard Simms, U.K. (author of the Arthur Porges fan site)

Congratulations on a magnificent project. Very impressive!

Robert F. Porges, NY

I am delighted with the work that you have put together.... I was under the same impression as you, that 'Porges' was a rare name with little known about it; I was aware of my Jewish heritage (and also aware of the Portuguese 'connection' theory) but I did not realise just how far back 'we' all went....unfortunately, most of my relatives were sent to the Camps during the Second World War (we lived in Prague then) and my Grandparents were forced to flee Czechoslovakia and settled in England, where we lived for over 50 years. I have always been proud of my heritage, unfortunately I never knew my Grandfather (he died when I was very young) and my Grandmother has not really helped me in connecting with my roots. I hope to be soon adding my name and Family Tree to your website, so that we can stand up and be counted with all the other Porgeses around the Globe!!! I thank you for your drive and interest in our name, you have helped me to start creating the links back to my roots, and for that I cannot thank you enough.

Sacha Nikolas Porges , Germany

My husband's parents were born in Czechoslovakia and his father was a Porges, Rudolph Porges.
At the start of the war, Rudolph fled the country leaving his mother and 2 sisters there. Ivan and his brother George were born in England and after the war, they moved back to Czechoslovakia and with the coming of the Communists had to flee the country and so they arrived back in England in 1949. I have been trying to find out information about Ivan's family and what happened to his grandmother and one of his aunts for the longest while and have not been at all successful. We believe that his grandmother and one aunt died in a concentration camp. This site is a wonderful legacy to the Porges family and your labor of love is to be greatly commended. Thank you on behalf of my husband and his children for taking the time to put this together.

Marlene Porges, USA

Had I gone to a museum, I would not have had the powerful experience as visiting the Porges site you so impressively created on the Internet.
It is remarkable how your efforts and dedication of many years have exploded into something bigger than life, touching our hearts and lives, a home to come back to on the internet.

Annette Porgesz-Grauman
Master Graphologist
Brooklyn, NY

Barnett Newman's Abstract Expressionism in red and black is an excellent choice.
In effect the Porges web site brought the unknown (black) to life (red).
Red symbolizes life, passion, emotion and of course, blood is red.
The site is to trace back blood, the family ties. Before you created this site we were in the dark (black). The combination of red and black is cathartic affording expression to a spiritual renewal in the passing of time and the continuing journey of a long standing family.

Annette Porgesz-Grauman
Brooklyn, NY

It is with sadness that I learned of the recent passing of Madame Porges, nee Aaron, a family from the East of France, traced back as far as 1500, beloved mother of M. Porges, "founding father" of the Porges family web page. Even while Madame Porges was alive, he has dedicated himself to uphold honor rooted in tradition by building a 5 Star site filled with fascinating family history to enrich generations to come. I for one am grateful to be a returning traveler discovering something I missed before or a new addition. It impresses me that by upholding family values M. Porges is observing the letter of the Ten Commandments, "Honor Your Father and Your Mother". What a beautiful way to make one's parents proud and at the same time to serve G-d.

Annette Porgesz-Grauman
Brooklyn, NY
August 9, 2003