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Geography of Eastern Europe

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Vienna phone books 1932-1938

Deportations of Porges from Vienna

Porges graves in Vienna's cemeteries

Jews in Vienna
      Excerpt from "Hitler's Vienna, a dictators's apprenticeship" by Brigitte Hamann

Czechs in Vienna
      Excerpt from "Hitler's Vienna, a dictators's apprenticeship" by Brigitte Hamann

Hitler's Origin by Alexander Lernet-Holenia



We are looking for information about a Dr. Porges who lived in Prague
and whose portrait was sketched by David Friedmann in Prague in 1941.
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Jewish history of the Czech republic

Hapsburg Rule, 1526-1867  The Hapsburgs and the Czechoslovak Lands
The Dual Monarchy, 1867-1918   Formation of the Dual System

The Prague Jews

Prague by Rebecca Weiner, the Jewish Virtual Library, American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise
(History, Prague Renaissance, World War II, Post-World War II, The Jewish Community Today, Terezin Concentration Camp)

A History of Habsburg Jews, 1670-1918, by William O. McCagg Jr. 
Short Abstract     Detailed excerpt
(with references to Moses Porges, Judah Porges and the Porges von Portheim family)

Franz Kafka's family tree (his grand mother was born Esther Porias)

Holocaust :
Porges victims of the holocaust

Deportation to Theresienstadt


At the beginning of the German occupation 118 310 Jews lived on the territory of the so-called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.
In the deportation transports from Prague and Brno, 7 002 Jews were sent to Lodz, Minsk and Ujazdow .
The deportation transports to Terezin numbered 73 468 Jewish prisoners from the Protectorate territory.
From Terezin 60 382 Jewish prisoners from the Protectorate were deported to the East.

254 Porges were deported to the camp of Terezin (60 km North of Prague).
The Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic has kept the individual cards of transport to the camp of Terezin and provived copies of the 254 records.
In November 2000, Beit Theresienstadt provided a list of 227 Porges deported to Theresienstadt.

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The Genocide of the Czech Jews
by Miroslav Karny
Beit Theresienstadt
at Kibbutz Givat Chaym Ichud. It was erected in memory of the Jews of Ghetto Theresienstadt who perished during the Nazi persecution.The official opening was in 1975.The "Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association" built this edifice through the initiative of the surviving members of the Zionist Youth Movement and the "Hechalutz" organization living in Israel.
An Interview with a Survivor
: Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
Theresienstadt : An Overview
Adapted from the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, a short overview of the camp. including information on the first months, deportations, life in the ghetto, the Red Cross visit, and epidemics.
Theresienstadt : The "Model" Ghetto
with photos
Theresienstadt - Paradeisghetto
by Chuck Ferree
A visit to Terezin
by Chuck Vadun, part of Web Travel Review's Berlin/Prague story
"A light rain fell as I stood at the Martin Tours booth on one corner of Prague's Old Town Square, waiting for the tour bus to arrive to take me to Terezin."
I Never Saw Another Butterfly
Children's Drawings and Poems from Terezín Concentration Camp, 1942-1944. A Book Review by Amanda Kaufman, Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York
Lecturers in Ghetto Theresienstadt, "VIP" in the Ghettto
Otto Porges and Elsa Bernstein (née Porges) were among the 254 Porges deported to Terezin.
A location map of the concentration camps
with access to lists of KZ camps names.


Cemeteries in Prague

Jewish Prague today

Prague, a comprehensive illustrated description by the The Jewish Virtual Library


Brno : History (1848-1918) (with references to Philipp Porges)

Plzen Cemetery of Plzen mentioning the burial of  "Rabbi Porges"


Deportations from Paris

Porgès tombstones at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris



Jewish history of Hungary    Jewish history of Transylvania



Jewish history of Romania  Jewish history of Transylvania

South Africa, France


Grand Dukes and Diamonds, by Raleigh Trevelyan
     (with references to Jules Porgès, diamond magnate, and Théodore Porgès)




List of 121 Porges names from the SSDI

Lists of Porges, Porgesz, Porjes, Porjesz, Purjes.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDIThe Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is generated from the U.S. Social Security Administration's Death Master File. It contains the records of deceased persons who were assigned Social Security numbers and whose deaths have been reported to the SSA. The following index is current to the end of April 2001.

U.S. records

New York directory 1869 & 1890
Montgomery (Alabama) directory 1880-1895
New York naturalization index 1907-1927
New York census 1790-1890
Illinois census 1810-1890
New York births 1891-1902



Jewish history of Yugoslavia, with a reference to Nenad Porges