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Porges Bibliography

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Center for Jewish History
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Centre de Documentation
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Porges authors (Click on author's name)

Porges, Arthur

Porges, August

Porgès, Etienne

Porges, Fred (1932 Prague)

Porges, Friedrich (1890-1977)

Porges, Friedrich Walter

Porges, G.

Porges, George (b. 1932 Prague)

Porges, Heinrich (1837-1900)

Porges, Irwin

Porges, Jan (John) Ing
(1900 Prague, 1962 London)

Porges, Johann

Porges, Joseph ben Judah Loeb (1709)

Porges, Joseph (d. 1879)

Porges, Josepha Kraigher (1857-1937)

Porges, Karl (Carl)

Porges (Porjes), Moses ben Israel Naphtaly

Porges, Moses

Porges, Nandor

Porges, Nathan (1848-1924)

Porges, Otto

Porges, Philipp

Porges, S.

Porges, Stephen

Porges, Tibor

Bernstein-Porges, Elsa 
(pseud. Ernst Rosmer ) (1866-1949)



Title / Publisher / Library / Abstract

Porges, Arthur

An author whose literary creations have dazzled readers for five decades now. An accomplished mystery and science fiction writer, Arthur Porges (1915 - ) has specialized in the short-short story form throughout his varied career. A regular contributor to the science fiction magazines of the fifties & sixties, his best known story is probably The Ruum, a much reprinted tale with a style that typifies the majority of his unusual work. And what stories! Dusty Answer, Dr. Blackadder's Clients, A Specimen for the Queen, Priceless Possession, Aunt Rutabaga, Movie Show, A Touch of Sun, A Puzzle in Sand, The Dragons of Tesla, By A Fluke,......and many, many more.

Arthur Porges family page

Porges, August

Österreichischer Erbfolgekrieg 174o-1748 . Kriege unter der Regierung
der Kaiserin Königin Maria Theresia.
Wien 19oo .Signatur : 251.336Abt.l,4
Abt . l , Bd . 4 . ABGi
Austria literature online :

Porgès, Etienne

Editions Aux Portes de France, 1946
4 rue Choron, Paris 9ème   N.Y.P.L.

The front page mentions :
" Du même auteur, en préparation : Tom Paine, Frédéric List "
"A M. Carl-J. Burckhardt, en souvenir des Jeudis de la "Villa Barton", E.P. "
Signed : "à Genève, Décembre 1945"

Porges, Fred
(1932 Prague)


HVAC ( Handbook of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditionning) Engineer's Handbook
Butterworth Heinemann Ltd, Oxford 1942,1991(Ninth Edition)
ISBN 0 7506 1481 1

The Design of Electrical Services for Buildings
Chapman & Hall Ltd London NewYork 1974 (1st Edition), 1989 (3rd Edition)
ISBN 0 41914580 X

Fred Porges family page

Porges, Friedrich (1890-1977)

Mein Film-Buch; vom Film, vom Tonfilm, von Filmstars und von Kinematographie

"MEIN FILM" Verlag, WIEN, 1930
L.B.I.     N.Y.P.L.
453 p., includes advertisements, moving pictures--Yearbooks

Schatten erobern die Welt; wie Film und Kino wuden, von Friedrich Porges
Basel : Verlag für Wissenschaft,Technik und Industrie, c. 1946, 247 p., illust.
N.Y.P.L. in eleven scenes. in German.

Licht,schauspel neinem A...zug
Bruner, M. Hickl, 1909 N.Y.P.L. in German

... Menach in fesseln; ein Drama um Heinrich Heine.
Wien : Verlag der Bukum A.G. 1931, 131 p. N.Y.P.L. in eleven scenes. Germ

Das doppelte Ich.
Wien 1920. Philipps Büscherei.Bd 46. ABLi
Austria literature online :

Friedrich Porges family page

Porges, Friedrich Walter

Der Rattenfänger
Ein Spiel in 3 Aufzügen.
Musik von Karl Senn. Als Bühnenmanuskript gedr. .
Innsbruck: J.Eric r1917 32 S. 81953:329 Z
Austria literature online :

Porges, G.

The mineral waters of Carlsbad, considered from a homoeopathic point of view for physicians and patients.
Prague : P. Haase Sons (?), 1862, 162 p.
N.Y.P.L.  [STUART 13478]

Balneologische Zeitfragen
Prag 1856.ABTr.U.
Austria literature online :

Porges, George
(b. 1932 Prague )

Applied Acoustics
Edward Arnold Ltd, London
ISBN 0 7131 2658 2

George Porges family page

Porges, Heinrich

Das Bühnenfestspiel in Bayreuth. Eine Studie über Richard Wagner's "Ringdes Nibelungen"
München : C. Merhoff, 1877 , 64 p.   N.Y.P.L.  [MEC W33.6 P8.1877]

WAGNER, Rehearsing the 'Ring', translated by Robert L. Jacobs,
To read abstracts, click here
Cambridge University Press, 1983, ISBN 0 521 23722 X

Heinrich Porges family page

Porges, Irwin

Many Brave Hearts ( True Tales of Heroism at Sea )
Published by Chilton Company , Philadelphia & New York, 1962      N.Y.P.L.

Cover page mentions :
" To Cele Porges, a remarkably patient wife and thorough, persistent researcher "

At the end of the book :
" About the Author :
Irwin Porges was born in Maywood, Illinois.
He studied piano and music arranging at a music conservatory and became a professional pianist with dance orchestras.
He was taught music and has been a popular song composer.
After World War II, he moved to Los Angeles and by 1953 had received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Southern California.
He began his writing career in 1955 and has sold countless stories and articles to such Magazines as Coronet, True, Science Digest and American Mercury.
He also wrote a TV script for " 77 Sunset Strip " in 1960.
"Many Brave Hearts" is his first book.
He is presently teaching English and courses in writing at Los Angeles Valley College, Van Nuys, California.

Edgar Allen Poe [1st Edition]
Chilton books, Philadelphia, 1963, 191 p.     N.Y.P.L.

The Violent Americans
A dramatic, historical study of the rising ride fo lawlessness in our country.
Monarch Books, Inc. Derby, Connecticut, Novembre 1963, 143 p.

Irwin Porges family page

Porges, Jan Ing
(1900 Prague, 1962 London)


Jan porges family page

Porges, John
(same as above)

Handbook of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning; useful tables and data arranged in a manner convenient for ready reference.
G. Newnes Limted , London, 1942    N.Y.P.L.      with 6 folding charts          
A 4th Edition was published ca 1960

Jan porges family page
Porges, Johann
Konstitution und Farbe bei Bindenderivaten
Zürich 1945: Leemann. 50 8. 8
Zürich Univ., Phil. II Diss.
Austria literature online :

Joseph ben Judah Loeb

?? (hebrew)
Amsterdam , 1709
To see the front page of this book , click here

 J.T.S.  Library
            Ref : BM 503.7 S27 1709 & 1884

Porges, Joseph
(d. 1879)

Kohn-Bistritz, Meyer, 1820-1892
Rede gehalten am Sarge ds Herrn Joseph Porges Montag am 16 Juni 1879 ....
Wien : Jacob schlossberg, 1879        N.Y.P.L.            10 p. , film reproduction, positive

Porges, Josepha Kraigher

"Lebenserinnerungen einer alten Frau"
printed by Grethlein & Co., Leipzig/Zürich, copyright 1926

Josepha Kraigher family page

Porges, Karl

Die Handels-correspondenz und comtoirwissenschaft.
Wien, Alfred Hölder, 1874
BECK'sche Universitäts-buchhandlung (source : Gisela Porges, Wien, 2002)
Cover below (click here)

Die Organisation einer Grossbank
Leipzig : C. E. Poeschel , 1911 , 123 p.         N.Y.P.L.

Lehrbuch der kaufmännischen Buchführung in doppelten Posten
Wien 1876. ABTr.U.
Austria literature online :

Porges (Porjes), Moses ben Israel Naphtaly

To access the text of "Darke Zion", click here

17th century     J.T.S.  Library         Ref : DS 106 S 82

Moses ben Israe lNaphtaly Porges family page

Porges, Moses

Collection, 6 items
German and Yiddish language versions of Moses Porges' memoirs; correspondence
[AR 1450]

Die Zikhroynes fur Moses Porges, 1781- 1805
43 p.     L.B.I. 
Childhood and education in Prague; introduction into Frankist circle through author's father; journey to Offenbach;
contains introduction by historian Nathan Michael Gelber;
German translation by Porges' niece Gabriele Jordan, née Porges.

Memoirs of Moses Porges

Porges, Nandor

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Eleanor E. Buckley and Nandor Porges, Washington, 1956, 467 p.
Venoms : papers presented at the First International Conference on Venoms, December 27-30, 1954,
at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Berkeley, California.

Nandor Porges family page

Porges, Nathan

Bericht ueber die im Auftrage des Centraal-Comites [der Alliance Israëlite Universelle] von ... Dr. Porges und Israel Levi unternommene Inspektionsreise zu den Alliance-Schulen im Orient / erstattet von Rabbiner Dr. Porges
Berlin : Alliance Israëlite Universelle, 1909        L.B.I.          [HV 3193 F7 A44 P6]

Drei Neujahrs-Predigten, gehalten am Neujahrsfeste 5653
Trier :Mayer, 1891     L.B.I. 
Contents :
Woher kommst du und wohin gehst du?- Kehre zurueck und beuge dich! - Fuerchte dich nicht!-
1. Rosh ha-shanah sermons

Gedaechtnisrede auf den veewigten Dr. Adolf Jellinek,
Oberrabbiner und Prediger der isrealitisen Cultusgemeinde in Wien, gestorben am 28 December 1893.
Leipzig : Liebes & Teichtner, 1894    L.B.I.         N.Y.P.L.

Am 27 Januar 1894, Sabbat jithro 5654 in der Synagoge zu Leipzig
/ gehalten von N. Porges          
L.B.I.  : [BM 744.3 J45 P6]

Gedenkblaetter zur Erinnerung an Herrn Alphons Jacobson in Leipzig, gestorben in NewYork am 28 April 1904
Leipzig : Verlag der Leipzig-Loge, 1905 , 64 p.       L.B.I. 

" Die eigentliche Trauerrede hielt ... Dr. Porges " cf. p. 5           [BM 744.3 J319]

Graetz als Exeget
Breslau, 1917, 367-384 p.      L.B.I. 
Detached from Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, 61. Jahrg

Joseph Bechor Schor, ein nordfranzoesischer Bibelerklaerer des XII Jahrhunderts.
Leipzig : Fock, 1908 , 61 p.  L.B.I.    N.Y.P.L.

Schrifften herausgegeben von der Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaft des Judentums.
" ... voertraege, gehalten am 23 Dezember 1907 zu Berlin".
1. Joseph ben Isaac Bekor Schor, of Orleans, fl. 12th century.
L.B.I.  : [BM 755 J64 P6]

Ueber die Verbalstammbildung in den semitischen Sprachen
Wien : Gerold , 1875, 76 p.      L.B.I. 

"Verbesserungen" : p. 76
Author's autograph presentation copy to Prof. Lazarus.
[PJ 3021 P6 U4]

Die Anfangsgründe der hebraïschen und griechischen Grammatik des Franciscus Tissardus.
København , 1923, p. 172-178        N.Y.P.L.      In : Festskrift i Anledning af Professor David Simonsens 70-aarige

Bibelkunde und Babelfunde. Eine Kritische Besprechung von Fridrich Delitzsch's Babel und Bibel
Leipzig : Lebes & Teichtner, 1903, 108 p.     N.Y.P.L.          Schiff Collection

Nathan Porges family page

Porges, Otto

Magenkrankheiten, ihre Diagnose und Therapien
zwölf klinischen Vorlesungen.2.lufI0
Berlin 1937.45 ; 37
Austria literature online :

Darmkrankheiter (Wien 1935)

Otto Porges family page

Porges, Philipp

On the application of artificial cold in the manufacture of paraffin in Austria-Hungary.
Editeur     N.Y.P.L.
In : International Congress of Refrigeration,II. Vienna, 1910; Reports and proceedings, English Edition, 1911, p. 685-690.

Philipp Porges family page

Porges, S.
Die Rudolfsquelle in Marienbad
Berlin 1868
Austria literature online :
Porges, Stephen

Porges, S.W., & Coles, M.G.H. (eds.), (1976).
Psychophysiology. Stroudsburg, PA: Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross.

Coles, M.G.H., Donchin, E., & Porges, S.W. (eds.), (1986).
Psychophysiology: Systems, Processes & Applications. New York: Guilford.

Stephen Porges family page

Porges, Tibor

Judaeas Odysee; Gedichte
Santiago da Chile ; 1967 ; 95 p.     L.B.I. 
Poems   [PT 2631 O73 J8]

Tibor Porges family page

Bernstein Porges , Elsa
(pseud. Ernst Rosmer)

Achill : Tragoedie in 3 Akten; Berlin; S. Fischer, 1910, 123 p.

Daemmerung : Schauspiel in 5 akten; Berlin; S. Fischer, 1894, 139 p.

Johannes Herkner : Schauspiel in 5 akten; Berlin; S. Fischer, 1904, 155 p.

Koenigskinder : ein Deutsches Maerchen in 3 akten; S. Fischer, 1908, 127 p.

Nausikaa : Tragoedie; S. Fischer, 1906, 150 p.

Themistokles : Tragoedie in 5 Akten; Berlin; S. Fischer, 1897, 142 p.

Wir Drei : fuenf Akte; Munchen : E. Albert, 1893?, Imprint on cover : Berlin, Schuster & Loeffler

L.B.I.    [PT 2603 E72 ...]

Das Leben als Drama (erinnerungen an Theresienstadt
Dortmund, editon ebersbach, 1999, 190 p.
ISBN 3-931782-54-9

Elsa Bernstein family page

Encyclopedias and documents containing Porges biographies

Winter, Josephine

Fünfzig Jahre eines Wiener Hauses
Wien-Leipzig-1927 104 p.
Available at :
- Southern Illinois University , Carbondale
- Harvard University
- University of Minnesota
- New York Public Library (NYPL), microfilms
The J.T.S.* reports this book includes genealogical information about ..., Porges, ...
Gothic German.

Leo Brod Collection

Richard Wagners juedische Propagandisten
Undated, German, 11 p., typed, photocopied    L.B.I.     [AR 4568]
Essay on Heinrich Porges, Angelo Neumann and Hermann Levi, three Jews who made it their task to promote Richard Wagner.

Goldschmidt, Salomon Benedikt

Business papers, documents, genealogical material, material of Porges von Portheim family
Includes manuscript on the Goldschmidt family prepared by Hans Mayer Leonhard (1929, 129 p.) [Eine Genealogische Studie]

Zubatsky, David S. &
Berent,Irwin M.

Jewish Genealogy, a Source Book of Family Histories
Garland Publishing Inc., New York, 1984      J.T.S.  Library

Following mentions about Porges :
1) CFM has family records:

Sir Thomas Colyer Collection of Pedigrees  Anglo-Jewish Archives, Mocatta Library, University College, University of London, Gower Street, London WC1
2) Kempelen : Magyarorszàgi Zsido' 3;23
3) Tänzer Jüden in Tirol
4) Geadelte Jüdische Familien, Salzburg 1891

Tänzer, Dr. Phil. A., Rabbiner

Die Geschichte der Jüden in Tirol und vorarlberg
Meran, 1905        J.T.S.  Library

Mentions :
" Eduard Porges, Oberlehrer
geb. 1819, gest. 1904
Gattin: Jeannette Burgauer
Kinder :
- Elise, verehel. mit Josef Schön in Fiume
- Josef, verehel. mit Flora Burgauer in St Gallen
- Max.
- Béla.
- Henriette, verehel. mit Prof. Kondor in Fünf Kirchen

Lang, Carl Ludwig

Deutsches Literatur-Lexicon
Francke Verlg, Bern und Stuttgart   L.B.I. 
Biographies of :
- Porges, Friedrich (Frederick), b.14/07/1890 Wien, d. 1977 Los Angeles
- Porges, Heinrich, b. 25/11/1837 Prague, d. 17/11/1900 Munich

Zohn, Harry

Österreichische Jüden in der Literatur
"OLAMENU" Tel -Aviv     L.B.I. 
Biography of :
Porges, Friedrich, b. 14/7/1890 Wien

Geadelte Jüdische Familien

Verlag desRuffhäufer, Salzburg 1891
YIVO, Institute for Jewish Research, New York
Gothic German
provides a brief history of the Porges von Portheim family.

Obermayer-Marnach, Eva

Österreichisches Biographisches Lexicon 1815-1950
Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaftten

Biographies of :

Porges, Heinrich, b. 25/11/1837 Prague, d. 17/11/1900 München(BRD)

Porges, Nathan, b. 21/12/1848 Proßnitz, d. Sept. 1924 Würzburg

Porges, Philipp, b. 21/7/156 Liebeschitz-Böhmen, d.6/11/1925 Wien

Porges von Portheim, Eduard, b. 12/1/1826 Prague, d.14/2/1907 Abbazia (Opatija. österr. Küstenland)

Porges von Portheim, Juda Leopold, b. 3/4/1785 Prague, d. 11/1/1869 Prague

Porges von Portheim, Max, b. 12/5/1857 Prague, d. 28/1/1937 Wien

Porges von Portheim, Moses, b. 22/12/1781 Prague, d. 21/5/1870 Prague

Landman, Isaac

Rabbi of Congregation
Beth Elohim, Brooklyn,
New York

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York

Biographies of :

Porges, Nathan, b. 1848 Prossnitz, d. 1924 Würzburg
refers to : Brann, Marcus, Geschichte des Jüdisch-Theologischen Seminars (1904)

Porges von Portheim ,
- Moses (1781-1870),
- Leopold Judah (1784-1869),
- Joseph Porges Edler von Portheim (1817-1904)
refers to :
- "Erinnerungen von Moses Porges an den Frankisten Hof in Offenbach"
Historische Schriften des Yiddisch-wissenschaftlichen Instituts,
vol. I (1929) 253-96
- Graetz, Heinrich, Frank und die Frankisten (1868)

Singer, Isidore

The Jewish Encyclopedia

Biographies of :
Porges (Porjes), Aaron B. Benjamn, Prague 17th century

refers to :
- Fürst, Bibl. Jud. i 22
- Benjacob, Ozar ha-Sefarim, p. 157
- Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 718

Porges, Moses ben Israel Naphtali Hirsch, Jerusalem, early 17th century
refers to :
- Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 1827
- Fürst, Bibl. Jud. ii 398
- Wolf, Bibl. Hebr., iii, 764
- Benjacob, Ozar ha-Sefarim, p. 121, N° 518
- Lunez, Jerusalem, iii., N° 44

Porges, Nathan, b. 21/12/1848 Prossnitz Moravia

Porges von Portheim,(Joseph, Leopold Judah, Moses, Gabriel)
refers to :
- H.I. Landau, Praguer Nekrologe, Prague, 1883
- Bohemia, May 23, 1870
- Grätz, in Monatsschrift, 1877, pp 190 et seq.

Coats of Arms :
1) created June 5, 1841 for Leopold Porges [Wurzbach, xxiii, 125]
2) created June 5, 1841 for Moses Porges [Wurzbach, xxiii, 125], divided azure and or. Upper division, azure, two stars or; lower division, two arms and joined hands, out of clouds, all proper.

Bernstein, Elsa b. Wien
refers to :
- Das Jüngste Deutschland, pp. 317-320
- Kürschner, Deutscher Literatur-Kalender, 1901, p. 91
- Lexicon Deutscher Frauen der Feder, i.61; ib. ii. 203

Bernstein, Max *13/5/1854 Fürth Bavaria
refers to :
- Kürschner, Deutscher Literatur-Kalender,

Herlitz, Dr. Georg
& Kirschner, Dr. Bruno

JÜDISCHES LEXICON, ein enzyklopädisches Handbuch des Jüdischen Wissens

Biographies of :
Porges, Heinrich b. 1837 Prague, d. 1900 München

Porges, Nathan b. 1848 Proßnitz in Mähren, d. 1924 Würzburg
Porges von Portheim, Moses(1781-1870), Leopold Juda (1784-1869)
Bernstein-Porges, Elsa (pseudonym Ernst Rosmer)b. 1866 Wien,

refers to :
- Brümmer, Lexicon der deutschen Dichter
- Engel, Gesch. der deutschen Lit.
- Kohut

Bernstein, Max (Psedonym : Silas Marner) b. 1854 Fürth d. 1925 München
refers to :
- Kohut
- Brümmer, Lexicon der deutschen Dichter

S. Wininger

Große Jüdische National-Biographie
Buchdruckerei "Aria", Cernàuti,str. Regele Ferdinand 18., 1925      A.I.U.

Biographies of :
Porges, Friedrich b. 14/7/1890 Wien,

refers to :
- Kürchner's Literatur Kalender 1928
- Degener 1928

Porges, Heinrich b. 25/11/1837 Prag, d. 17/11/1900 München
refers to :
- Riemann, Musiklexicon, 1928

Porges, Jules b. 1839 Prag, d. 29/11/1921 Paris
refers to :
- Neue Freïe Press 4 Oktober 1921

Porges, Moses ben Israel Naphtali Hirsch , 17th century Prague
refers to :
- Encyclopaedia Judaica
- Reisen, Lexicon

Porges, Nathan b. 21/12/1848 Proßnitz in Mähren, d. Sept. 1924 Würzburg
refers to :
- Geschichte des Breslauer Rabbinerseminars
- C.V. Zeitung vom 4 September 1924
- Jüd. Lib. Zeitung vom 12 September 1924

Portheim, Max b. 12/5/1857 Prag,
refers to :
- Wr. Morgenzeitung vom 11 Mai 1927
- Degener 1928

Bernstein, Max   b. 12/5/1854 Fürth in Bayern, d. 10/3/1925 München

Bernstein-Porges, Elsa   b. 28/10/1866 Wien

Weinfeld, Eduardo

Editorial enciclopedia udaica Castellana, México, 1950     A.I.U.

Biographies of :
Porges, Heinrich b. 1837 Praga, d. 1900 Munich

Porges, Nathan b. 1848 Prossnitz Moravia, d. 1924 Würzburg
Porges von Portheim familia en Bohemia durante el s. XIX

Encyclopedia Judaïca

A.I.U., C.D.J.C.

Biographies of :
Porges, Moses ben Israel Naphtali, 17th century, b. Prague, . Jerusalem

refers to :
- A.Yaari, Masot Erez Israel (1946), 267-304, 770f. (in hebrew)
- Yaari, Sheluhei, 275-6, Amsterdam 1618

Porges, Nathan      b. 1848 Prossnitz, d. 1924
refers to :
- M. Brann, in "Bresslau Festschrift zum 50-jaehrigen Jubilaeum

The Jew of czecho-Slovakia

Historical Studies and Surveys
The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia
Society for the History of Czechoslovak Jews, New York

The chapter on Music mentions :
Heinrich Porges (1837-1900) born in Prague, who died (Munich) in the midst of a rehearsal of Liszt's oratorio Christus.

The chapter on paintings mentions :
Ignàc Josef Porges (1812-1890) : provided the portrait of Rabbi Salomon Judah Rapoport in 1843.

Fesch, Paul

Ernest Flammarion
provides details on the death of Madame Porgès, née Weisweiller, at the age of 42, in the fire that broke out in Paris at the Bazar de la Charité (a mundane charitable society) and the synagogue ceremony by Great Rabbi Zadoc Kahn.

Guggenheimer, Heinrich W. & Eva H.

Jewish Family Names and Their Origins
Ktav Publishing House, Inc. 1992   A.I.U.

mentions :
Porgel, Porgès, Porjes (M), cf. Bordjel, Abergel
Bordjel (M), Bordges, same as Abergel, Aberzel

Maryna Fraser & Alan Jeeves

All that glittered, selected correspondence of Lionel Phillips 1890-1924

OXFORD, ISBN 0 19 57100 3

about Jules Porges in South Africa from 1875 to 1889

Trevelyan, Raleigh

Grands Dukes and Diamonds , The Wernhers of Luton Hoo
Secker & Warburg, London, 1991

about Jules Porges in South Africa

McCagg Jr., William O.

A history of Habsburg Jews, 1670-1918
Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1992
About Moses and Juda Porges establishment of the first cotton-printing factory in Prague.
Their financial success.