Prager Tagblatt Obituaries

Richard Porges

Richard Porges

Prager Tagblatt Freitag, 23. April 1880

Died: april 18th 1880 (diphtheria) in his 4th year

Parents: M. Porges/ Clara Porges, né Popper – resident in Neubistritz

Sisters : Mathilde, Ida, Gabriele, Emilie

Esther Porges

Esther Porges, geb. Popper

Prager Tagblatt Sonntag, 24. Juli 1881

Died: july 22nd 1881 (intestinal occlusion (?)) in her 53rd year

Husband: David Porges, businessman/trader – resident in Pilsen

children: Johanna with husband Jacob Steinberg and children Louise and Leo; Berta with husband Wilhelm Flusser and Clara; Carl, Mathilde, Eduard, Emma, Rudolf, Hugo Porges

Funeral on the Wolschan cemetery

Siegfried Porges

Siegfried Porges

Prager Tagblatt Dienstag, 30. Mai 1882

Died: may 28th 1882 (haemorrhage of the lungs (?)) in his 23rd year

Parents: Isak and Amalie Porges

Sister: Ottilie Porges, widowed Kowanitz

Funeral on the Wolschan cemetery

Mathile Porges

Mathilde Porges

Prager Tagblatt Dienstag, 20. Februar 1883

Died: february 16th 1883 in her 38th year

Husband: Salomon Porges, businessman/trader, resident in Prague and

Children: Maximilian, Regina, Alfred

Brother: Ludwig Karpeles with his wife Anna


Leni Teller Porges

Leni Teller , geb. Porges

Prager Tagblatt Freitag, 04. Mai 1883

Died: may 2nd 1883 in her 75th year

Husband: Jacob Teller, physician, resident in Prag

Son: Eduard with his wife Clementine, née Popper and children Rosa, Hedwig, Carl August

Sister: Lisette Lewith

          Source : Georg Gaugusch, Vienna, 2003. Special thanks to Gisela Porges (Vienna) for the translation

Link to the Porges graves at the Prag New Jewish Cemetery : click here