Porges scholars in Prague ca 1600 Heinrich Porges
Musician & devoted disciple of Richard Wagner
The Porges von Portheim dynasty (Prague) Arthur Porges
Science fiction writer
Ignac Josef Porges
Painter in Prague
Irwin Porges
Biographer of E.R. Burroughs
Philipp Porges
Tramway manufacturer in Brnö

Friedrich Porges
Movie producer (Vienna, England, Hollywood)

Jules Porgès
Diamond magnate (Vienna, Paris)

Paul Peter Porges (aka PPP)
Cartoonist (Vienna, New York)

Porgès Laboratories
Catheters & medical device manufacturer (France)
Walter Porges
ABC News executive
Nenad Porges
Minister of Economy in Croatia
among many others ...
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Barnett Newman Adam (1951-2) / Achilles (1952) Symphony #8 Dmitri Shostakovich